How to Make an Easy Heart-Shaped Origami

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Fold the sheet of paper into a square shape

You may use a ruler to make sure it's well folded

Do the same with the other side

It should look like this

Now fold the bottom part into a triangle(using the marks you made previously) and fold the top part into another triangle

This should happen

Now grab the bottom of the upper triangle and fold it like on the picture. Do this with both sides

It should look like this

Now fold the sides of the sheet until they reach the center of it, just like in the picture

It should end up like this

Now turn it around

And fold the bottom of the sheet until they reach the bottom of the triangle

And fold the first triangle down

Like this

This step seems to be hard, but itsn'tin the folded triangle you'll find a "pocket". All you have to do is fold the bottom of the square until it gets inside the "pocket".Make sure to tie it in well

It should be like this

Now turn it around again

Grab the top of the heart and fold both diagonally

Like this

Turn it around again


And tie them both in the "pocket", so it won't be loose


There you have it ❤


Sorry about any grammar mistakes, hope you enjoyed it =)

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