How to make potato patties

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Boil potatoes until tender fork

Shred your cheese. I have used Monterrey Jack, mozzarella, and cheddar and they all taste great.

Peel your potatoes when cooled to the touch. So you won't get burn. Put in container.

Mash your potatoes.

Add salt to taste. I like to do at this point so I can taste it. You can also add pepper if you like. Mix.

Add egg, and mix well.

All mixed up.

Add cheese, and mix until well Incorporated.

When everything is well incorporated. I like to grad spoonfuls of the mixture and form into patties with my hand.

You can do any shape you like.

Put on a dish while you do the rest.

Now add flour to a plate/dish.

Add about 1/3 cup oil to pan to get it hot, while you finish prepping.

Now grab a potato patti and add flour on both sides

You can put on another plate while you finish the rest or just put them on same plate to one side.

It's hard to say what temperature since all stoves are different I usually do mine on number 4, so maybe low to med heat?

Mine usually stay 3-4 mins on one side and about 2 mins or so on the other side. Remember you have raw egg in there you want to cook it.

Turn and fry other side until golden.

Put on paper towel, for extra oil.

And enjoy! 😄

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