How to cut a pineapple into tidbits

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I love fruit! Pineapple is a deliciously sweet fruit that has a tropical tang to it. What you will learn today is how to cut pineapple into those delicious little tidbits that you buy in the can.

Place the pineapple on the cutting board on its side.

Cut off both ends of the pineapple.

Holding your knife right underneath the green skin cut down the sides of the pineapple keeping its shape to the best of your ability.

Almost done.

Once all the skin is removed go back over the pineapple and pluck out all of the hard eyes. You want a nice clean yellow pineapple.

Cut the pineapple in half.

Cut each pineapple half in half.

Now holding your knife at an angle you want to remove the core of the pineapple. This piece is only about a half an inch from the point of each section.

All cores are removed!

Cut each of the pieces in half.

Now cut each piece in half again. Now line the pieces up and cut them into bite-size pieces.

Yum Yum!

Now place your pineapple tidbits in an airtight container to enjoy at your convenience!

Now that you have your pineapple tidbits they can be enjoyed by themselves, with yogurt, in any cooked dishes that require pineapples, or however you do pineapple! Enjoy!

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