How to make glühwein (spiced wine)

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First of all: make sure you have all the supplies.

Now, add all the spices to a pot (check step 3 before doing this!) and turn on the "fire" (very low) until you perceive their smell (a really nice smell!).

I recommend not to add all the sugar at once. Keep trying it, and if you find it's not sweet enough, add more (and even honey, if you want).

Add some wine to dissolve the sugar.

Now, add the rest of the wine.

Keep stirring for ~30 minutes. You should use a wooden spoon. I should buy one.

Enjoy that wonderful smell coming out from your kitchen.

Aaaaaaaand that's all! Serve it however you want or store it in a clean bottle, but I betcha it won't last Enjoy!

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