How to make a round mound flower arrangment

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cut a third off of your brick of Oasis floral foam. Place the holes facing down in water and let it sink.

next take your standard dish. If it has prongs on the bottom, like this one, then you do not need an anchor pin at the bottom.

Place the oasis in the dish. Press down on the foam with your palm so there is an even distribution of weight. You want to avoid pushing with your fingers or you will leave dry spaces in the foam.

Cut the edges of the foam so they are rounded. This gives you more surface space and a better shape.

Put a piece of anchor tap over the foam. This step is important if you are moving your arrangement somewhere. It will keep it in place better. Don't place it over the center.

Next we are "greening" the arrangement. We will use leather leaf for this process. The purpose is to hide the mechanics(foam, tape) of the arrangement.

Start by adding a piece of leather leaf on each side of the foam sticking straight out. Put two pieces back to back in the center.

Fill in the spaces with leather leaf. Make sure there aren't any piece sticking out farther than the others.

Now it' time to add flowers! Use 2 or 3 different colors that compliment each other. Here i have red mini carnations and white mums.

Start by adding flowers sticking strait out of the bottom. Continue to add flowers to your arrangement spreading the coors evenly

Your finished arrangement is perfect for a decoration for the center of your table! To keep your arrangement lasting longer add water to the dish when the foam gets dry.

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