How to make healthy low carb protein brownies

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Getting ingredients ready, only 6 ingredients wet + dry

Measure out dry ingredients first, whey, coco flour, cacao powder, 2 packets of stevia



Adding wet ingredients, almond milk and egg whites (any non-dairy milk would work, or even water)

Combining wet with dry, altogether now

Mixing into a batter

Lining up parchment paper on baking tray/sheet

Transfering batter onto parchment paper

Shaping into a square about inch size thick (i used regular spoon for this)

Heating oven to 360 F (can be done upfront)

Placing into the heated oven

Baking for 20 minutes

Done :) Some notes: stevia is a zero calorie sweetener, look in the sugar section, the "Truvia" brand is pretty good, or "Sugar In The Raw" is also popular

Watch the video: Protein Poverty Brownie Recipe: Low carb- Only 130 Calories!!

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