How to create an easy winter burlap wreath

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I'm going to show you how to make an easy winter wreath made from burlap.

You will need...floral wire and tape, and 4" strips of burlap. If you want to make the roses, you will need; colored burlap and a hot glue gun.

You may also need a kitty and

A dancing boyfriend to help. :)

Tape two wires together on one end.

Accordion wrap the burlap onto the wreath. I twist the burlap every so often to make the wreath look thicker.

Twist and add on the burlap until it's as full as you want, then connect the two wire ends together.

To make the rose, cut a 7" strip of burlap ribbon and fold in half.

Fold over one end as on the photo above and hot glue that end down.

Next, wrap, twist, glue and repeat until you reach the end.

Fold and Glue down the end.

Glue the roses to your wreath as you like, and tie a piece of ribbon on the top to let the wreath hang.

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