How to make quick snowflake holiday cards.

Painting snowflakes on cards seems like it would take forever, it's part of why these cards are awesome - they will appear labor intensive but they won't be. Our secret, okay.

They key is super wonderful freezer paper! Cut out some squares from your freezer paper - they should be slightly smaller than the cards you intend to make.

I started with 4.5" x 6" blank cards but I wanted some two-color cards so I cut some 4" x 5.5" pieces of colored cardstock to print on as well.

I glued these colored pieces to the front of the cards.

I made 4x4 inch squares. You'll use your squares to make 6 pointed snowflakes. You should make a square for each card you intend to make. Don't worry - it doesn't take long to cut these out.

With the shiny side of the freezer paper facing up, fold the square in half diagonally.

Then fold this triangle (tip pointed away from you) in half again so that the right and left corners meet.

Turn the point towards you and then fold the right side over toward the left side and crease about 2/3 of the way over as seen here. It takes some practice.

Then fold the left side over to the right so that it overlaps that last fold. Don't worry - if this still seems confusing google how to make a 6-pointed star - there are lots of tutorials.

You'll end up with this shape and from there you can start cutting your flake up, beginning with the top.

You can cut out all sorts of pieces. You'll get the hang of what looks cool (and what doesn't) pretty quickly.

When you unfold it you'll see what those cuts look like - if something looks wonky you can just fold it back up and change that area. Again, there are tutorials online.

Now you get to iron the cute little flake onto your card-stock or card. Pick where you want it to go...

Then press with somewhat hot (think rayon) dry iron for 15-25 seconds. Be careful not to slide iron back and forth - press.

The freezer paper will adhere to the paper and look like this.

Iron. All. The. Cards.

Now you get to paint the cards. There are a couple of ways to go about this but the key is to always pull the brush from the freezer paper onto the card to prevent bleeding edges.

I got really into metallics - they seemed more festive... You can use anything you want.

You can fill in the areas or you can create edges like this.

And this.

When done you should pull up the freezer paper carefully before everything has time to dry completely.

If you leave the paper on to long it will do this. Generally you'll be able to pull off the flake all in one piece and no residue will remain.

All these little white areas are easily removed with a white vinyl eraser. This is NOT typical so don't stress - of 8 cards the only card to do this was the card that I let dry completely.

See, worse case is still no biggy - a bit of erasering and you're good to go.

And, no problems when you pull the freezer paper up sooner.

They look pretty cool "as is" once they're done.

Not all of them will be perfect though so don't be afraid to jazz the edges up with a pen or some touch-up paint.

I went a bit nuts with metallic pins.

And here we go... 8 cards to send out at the last possible minute. Happy holidays!

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