How to make chocolate cake pops

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Preheat oven to 345 degrees. I know, I know, it says 350. That was before I set it.

Add all ingredients except for white chocolate chips into the bowl.

Mix well. Should not have a lot of lumps. Should look like this when done.

Grease your cake pop pan, the top and bottom.

Fill to the top with batter. Try not to get a lot of batter outside of the holes.

Put the cap on and lock.

Bake at 20 mins. Keep an eye on it though. When the timer reaches 5, take it out and check.

While it is baking, melt your white chocolate chips.

Oh no! Too much batter. Don't do that again! If you can see it, it overflowed!

When you check it, scrape off the overflowed batter with a toothpick. Also use the toothpick to insert it into the hole to check.

It actually only took 5 minutes to bake it. Then I added another 2 minutes to make sure. So it's 7 minutes per batch.

Now take the pops out. The top may be really stubborn and doesn't come off easily.

See, the ones like these, where the top is pulled right off, you can eat.

Done with the first batch! Now make more batches until all the batter is gone.

So I just settled with two batches, even though I had enough batter to make 4 more. I took the extra batter and made it into cupcakes!

Hope you guys have fun making these! See ya!

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