How to make healthy wraps with bell pepper (high fiber)

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Ingredients ready + blender (check out my new red nutribullet) :D

First will combine psyllium husk and whey powder in a blender cup, 2 tablespoons each

Like so. (and by the way, psyllium husk is a dietary supplement that provides good amount of fiber, good for your digestion)

Then will add pepper and egg whites

Egg whites

All ingredients basically go into a blender cup

Salt. (optional)


Ready for frying

Heat Skillet on Medium

Spray with non-stick or use some healthy oil, like coconut or olive oil

Spoon batter in batches

Then carefully spread into a wrap shape

Cook one side for about 4-5 minutes or even less, just check and see if it's ready

Flip and cook other side

Done :) These sure are delicious, and healthy. Like the idea? Try it, maybe make your's with green pepper

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