How to make mexican beef tamales

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Boil dried peppers and cool. Reserve liquid. Split, strip, discard seeds .

Cut two cups tomatoes.

Puree peppers and tomatoes with a quarter cup beef stock.

Pour into shredded beef and mix.

Mmmmmmm! Taste!

Soak corn husks in warm water. Immerse to soften.

Place 5 lbs white corn masa mix into large bowl.

Add beef stock to mix into paste consistency.

With hands, mix in liquid until masa has a toothpaste/peanut butter consistency.

Lay out husks, smoothest sides up.

Select single layers.

Add one inch of water below the steamer plate. Start lining the bottom of the steamer.

Bottom should look like this to keep boiling water from hitting the tamales in their sauna.... (0;

For smaller batches, insert a ceramic bowl to act as a prop.

Spread masa evenly and not too thick. It will expand as it cooks.

Add meat. Not too much!

Fold masa around the meat and then roll husks to form a double lip.

Tuck raw tamales open ends up into steamer.

Fold more empty husks over the sides and tops.

Cover with pottery pie plate. Place lid over pot and steam for one hour. Remove and enjoy!

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