How to assemble a vault i7p enclosure w/magtek idynamo5

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Place your face plate and back plate on a smooth protective surface. Unit ships with 2 screws installed for protection. These should be removed and saved for later use.

Insert the MAGTEK iDynamo5 in to the back plate pocket. It will be a snap fit.

With MAGTEK iDynamo5 installed, slide Apple iPad MINI onto the MAGTEK iDynamo5 lightning connector. Use QwickPAY (see STEP7 for instructions) to test as shown.

Place face plate onto the Apple iPad MINI.

Turn over the entire assembly and install the 7 screws. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. The screws only need to be snug. You can damage the unit by doing so.

Test with your POS Application or use the MAGTEK QwickPAY Application (see STEP7 for instructions) to ensure that the MAGTEK iDynamo5 credit card reader and the Apple iPad MINI are connected properly.

It is helpful to have an application to test the connectivity of your MAGTEK iDynamo5 outside of your POS application. Please follow these instructions to install and test your device.

Please download the MAGTEK QwickPAY app on your Apple iPad MINI from

Search for QwickPAY. It will not find any results but, changing the "iPad only" option at the top to "iPhone only" will produce two results. Install the full version, not the lite.

Launch the MAGTEK QwickPAY Application

Do not allow it to use your current location (it is not needed for this test).

Turn slider for "Demo Mode with SCRA" ON

Enter any email for testing. No emails will be sent. We recommend [email protected]

Choose DONE at the top right.

Choose MENU at the top right.

Choose QwickPAY Settings.

Turn iDynamo ON if necessary. Choose DONE.

Choose BACK.

You should see the green bar stating DEVICE READY. If this does not happen, remove the enclosure and test again. If it fails, you have a faulty iDynamo5 and should contact MAGTEK.

Please contact our support group at [email protected] for assistance.

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