How to make a treasure chest pull-string birthday pinata

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Use cardboard, glue & tape to make the box. I used a box with a "hinged" lid and added bends to the lid to look curved. I put flat pieces inside to make the lid look open yet still close off the box.

I glued on circles and gem shapes to the front and sides where the box looks open, and half-circles on the sides of the lid to make it curved. Add a string through the top to hang it with.

Cut 3 sides for a candy door on the bottom, & add pull strings. (I used ribbon) All but one are just loosely taped to the bottom of the door...

...and THE one that opens it is securely attached. I cut a slit in the door, pull the ribbon through, tie it to a paper clip and tape that to the inside.

Then, put thin strips around the edges of the box base and lid to add some depth. These will later be the "metal" bands.

I added a little latch and lock out of cardboard too. In hindsight, it might have been easier to paint if I did this separate and attached it later, but it worked.

I put a little tape on the corners to hold the strips while the glue dried, as some wanted to pop off...especially the ones on the rounded part of the lid. Let the glue dry thoroughly.

Spray gold on all the edge "bands," the latch, lock, corners, and the "coins" inside.

Using a brush and brown acrylic paint, paint the "wood" surfaces.

I used a lighter brown, then added some darker shades for texture.

Using black paint or a black marker, add some bolts/rivets along the edge banding.

Add some details to the coins while you're at it.

Add a little white for highlights to make things look extra shiny! I also added some black paint under the top of the lid, behind the coins for depth.

Use some glittery fabric paints to make the jewels extra sparkly.

Glue on some fake pearl necklaces that hang out of the box!

More "pearls"...

Let your sparkly stuff dry...

I also used black marker to add lines for wood planks, and to add a keyhole on the lock.

Open the base door and fill it with candy! I used chocolate coins, plastic coins, stickers, Hershey nuggets, and other misc candy.

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