How to completely hide any app in ios 7

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You will need a full screen of apps and iOS 7.0.(anything). Your unwanted app should be on the right side of the dock. Make sure any folder is the second last icon on your screen, like shown.

I will be using the Nike + iPod app for this demonstration.

Hold down the app's icon, but as soon as you touch the app, double tap the home button. Once you're in multitasking, let go of the screen.

From multitasking, tap the home screen.

The icon should be floating without you touching it. Next, tap the folder you have. Mine would be the "games" folder.

From here, tap anywhere outside the folder to exit.

If everything looks like this, all you have to do now is press the home button. And–

Voila! No more annoying app!

And since the app isn't deleted, only hidden, you can always search for it from the spotlight search.

This works for any app. If you want to do multiple apps at once, you can put them all in a folder and substitute the folder for the unwanted app in the demonstration.

If you ever want the actual icon to come back, you can just restart your phone. Hope you enjoyed!

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