How to make vietnamese-pressed coffee

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You can get Vietnamese coffee press from Amazon but they're made from metal/aluminum. Mine is made from clay, which is recommended for this. Regardless, it still works

This is what the clay version looks like. The press itself is the top part while bottom part is just the cup.

Left to right, clockwise: cup with saucer, coffee dripper (where you put the ground coffee into), coffee presser, and dripper cover.

Boil water and pour a little bit into the cup to warm up the clay or whatever cup/mug you're using. Leave it for about 30-40 seconds while swirling it, then remove water from cup.

Pour condensed milk directly into the cup. Mine was cold from the fridge so I had to let it sit on top of the cup until I get the desired amount.

This is about one tablespoonful of condensed milk. You can add more later if you want it sweeter.

Get your ground coffee.

Add 3 teaspoonful of coffee into the dripper. Press it lightly (using the coffee presser) to ensure evenness of coffee on base of the dripper.

Add hot water until it fills the top, which is about 60 ml. Your ground coffee will float around like this.

Cover and let it sit until it's done dripping into the cup below. This can take about a minute or so.

This is what it looks like when it's done. Remove the dripper and set aside.

Stir and enjoy your Vietnamese-pressed coffee!


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