How to care for roborovski dwarf hamsters

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Now when choosing the right hamster for you; there are a few things you need to remember about Robos...

1. Robos are VERY small & VERY fast. They are definitely not suitable for young children or people who don't have time to tame them.

2. Robos tend to get along in same sex pairs in the same family. However are still prone to fighting with their own. So you must keep a close eye on them. If they fight, you must separate them.

3. They are much harder and take a lot longer to handle/tame. You have to have the time and patience to bond with them EVERY day.

4. And finally, DONT STRESS THEM. All Hamsters are prone to getting ill when stressed. A big killer being 'Wet Tail' (Severe diarrhoea). If you find their rear is wet, take them to a vet immediately.

So now you know the facts, lets find out exactly how to care for Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters... 1. When you first bring you hamsters home, leave them alone for 2-4 days to get used to their new home.

The bigger the cage the better. Try to get a plastic one as Robos are small and can squeeze through wire cages. If you have to get a wire one, get one like this where the gaps are small.

Inside the cage you will need a wheel, some tubes and lots of other toys. Robos love to play and run around! This also keeps them healthy. It's a given you'll also need a bed area, food & water.

Change Food & Water EVERY day. Completely clean the entire cage every week, changing the bedding & the saw dust. If you don't, your hamsters will get very dirty and smelly, and may get ill aswell.

You'll need exercise balls for a place to put the hamsters when cleaning the cage, as well as when you want some play time with them. Clean these once a week with the cage.

Handling...You need to remember to go with the pace of your hamster, try things but don't force them. Also always handle them on their own, and if they look stressed/tired, put them away.

One method is to put them in a tub. Begin introducing your hand, stroke them and feed them. Eventually try picking them up by cupping them into your hands. They can jump so hold them over the box.

Another method is to put them on a blanket in a dry bath tub. You can sit in there with them and introduce your hands, without the fear of them jumping and getting lost. (NEVER BATHE HAMSTERS)

I think that's pretty much covered the basics! If I forgot anything, please tell me and I'll add it in! I hope you enjoyed my guide! I know Bambi & Thumper did!

Im sorry to say, that Bambi passed away on 1/2/2014. Thank You for all your comments xx


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