How to cook russian borsch

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Unfortunately, I don't have a photo for the first steps, as I have decided to make a guide only by the end. So you just need to place the meat in a big pot and add water (1,5-2 liters) and salt

So now prepare your vegetables: cut the onion in small cubes and put it in a hot pan with some butter, when onion starts getting gold add some salt, garlic and olive oil

The beet should be fresh! Rub the carrot and beetroot and add them to onions Cock for 7-8 minutes and add paprika ( make thin pieces)

In 7 minutes add tomato pasta( you can use fresh tomatoes, but don't forget to peel the skin off and cut them in small pieces). Add salt and cook under the cover for another 10 minutes on a low heat

Meanwhile cut potato in cubes and cut the cabbage. Normally I use the white one, but this time I took the red one, as this is what there was on a market

Now take your meat from the pot, I would recommend you to transfuse the broth through a sieve! add some water in the broth so you can say "that will be enough"😁 Add potato cubes and boil for 10 min

Add cabbage, boil again for 7 minutes

Now you gonna add all parts together: replace everything from the pan in a pot with the broth. Mix properly

It is a spicy time finally! I suggest to measure spices in your palm as I'm sure you don't want to spoil your perfect borsch with a kilo of pepper. So add pepper, ground paprika, oregano, marjoram.

Now if you like dill and parsley as much as I do, take a huge sheaf of them!


Now some secret tricks!;)) Firstly, you should know that borsch is getting better on the second day, that's a fact!) Secondly, use only fresh and fragrant vegetables. Don't use bouillon cubes😡

By the way! I've never done it before, but this time I added two spoons of pesto sauce while frying vegetables! I loooved the taste! You can try it also!Serve it with sour cream! Don't ignore it😉

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