How to make an angle food cake trifle with nuts and fruit

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Roast the nuts in a pan until fragrant and let them cool to room temperature. I prefer using walnuts because they have a nice crunch but still are soft to bite. Pecans are also a good option.

Cut up your cake into even slices.

Add the corn syrup, sugar, cream of tartar and whipping cream to a large mixing bowl and whip everything for approx. 3-4 minutes until the cream is fluffy.

Add the dulce de leche, chocolate (I grated mine finely; you can also use small choco chips), yogurt and whipped topping to the whipped cream and stir it all together for about 1 minute.

This is the flavored dulce de leche I am using. If you can't find any try looking for polish import stores or simply use normal dulce de leche.

The cream should look like this. It shouldn't be runny.

Layer everything in a large decorative bowl starting with the cream, then adding the sliced cake, sprinkle the nuts and then the fruit. Keep layering everything until you get to the top of the bowl.

Finish off with a layer of cream and decorate with leftover fruit and nuts.

Use the rest of the cream and cake to make fun little sandwiches.

Aaaaand your done! Enjoy your trifle with family or friends, or both :)

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