How to make a wrist corsage

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Here is a picture of the supplies you will need.

Take 2 corsage leaves & twist the wires on the leaves around each other Repeat with 2 more leaves Then take a pair of leaves & rap them around the wristlet on one side Repeat this on the opposite side

Remove the wire from the last 2 corsage leaves.

Glue the last 2 of the corsage leaves with hot glue 1 on the top of the wristlet and one on the bottom between the leaves you rapped around the wristlet.

Fold the corsage leaves over on itself towards the bottom of the leaves to make them shorter, repeat on all wired leaves.

Glue the small bow, previously made onto the center of the top of the wristlet.

Create a pillow with your filler flower around the bow. Gluing the ends of the stems into the bow using the corsage glue. (Hint: squeeze some glue onto a scrap piece of paper to make gluing easier.)

Glue main flower (of your choice, keep flowers small) into the center of the bow & pillow of the filler flower (wax flower or babies breath) Then add the other 5 main flower into sides of bow.

Fill in the extra holes with your filler flower and buds of your main flower (Hint: as many as needed, 3 buds usually work best, the fuller the better with the filler flower)

Add accents with corsage glue into the bow to add more color or to make it look more fancy, only if you would like. Then you have your wrist corsage completed & it's ready to wear.

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