How to cook corned beef hash

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I'm using left overs from Guinness Corned Beef..check out the guide for that in my profile.

Turn on heat to med-high add bout a Tbls oil to the pan..just enough to cover the bottom..I used a bit to much here

Peel and dice several potatoes

Add bout 2 Tbls butter

When butter has melted add potatoes...after they have cooked for a couple of minutes peel and dice a small onion and add to pan. Cook until onions are translucent and potatoes soft. Stir frequently

Dice precooked corned beef into bite size pieces

Season potatoes and onions. I just used salt and pepper.

I'm also using the left over potatoes and onions from Guinness corned beef recipe

Toss in pan when previous potatoes are just about done

Add corned beef..fry for a few minutes more until the meat is hot. Stir frequently to heat evenly.

Here is your finished dish. I prefer to eat this with a couple of poached eggs on top. And maybe a little ketchup but not enough to mask the flavors

Watch the video: How to Make Corn Beef Hash SUPER EASY AND YUM!!!

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