How to cook a southern breakfast

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What you will need

Oil and pan

For the grits

Now to peel the potatoes

After you peel them chop them

Not to small

Add oil to pan and let it heat up

About medium heat is fine

While waiting on the oil add water for the grits

Go ahead and measure out grits so once the water is boiling you can add them

Now the oil should be hot enough. Go ahead and add potatoes

I like to add seasoning salt and pepper to mine. But you can choose any seasoning you would like

Just a light coating is all I add

Now while the potatoes are cooking go ahead and cut your sausage patties

After the potatoes are pretty much cooked I like to just add the sausage to the same pan

The water for the grits should be boiling by now

Go ahead and add the grits. Stir and turn to low and cover

And let it simmer stirring occasionally

Once they are done I like to add a little salt and pepper

And some cheese

Now to cook the eggs

I like mine sunny side up

Add a little pepper

I over cooked my eggs a bit. But enjoy!

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