How to make slime with cornstarch

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Here is what you will need:)

First, add in as much glue as you want into the container( I added about 1/4 cup)

Food coloring! I used red

I added in more glue because I added too much food coloring and this happened!

Mix it

I added in another pic because it looks so pretty

Mix it together until you get a smooth color

Next, add in the cornstarch. The ratio of cornstarch to glue should be 2:1

Mix it again. It may seem like there's way too much cornstarch but it will mix together eventually


This would've been a really good picture...

...but the slime dropped on the floor XD

Sooo slimy

Tip: the more cornstarch you add in, the harder it will become

Store in a air tight bag or container


Watch the video: New Ways How To Make No Glue Slime Under 5 Minutes!!

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