How to make mod podge shoes

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Gather all your supplies! I just reuse an old sauce lid to hold my mod podge (hardener and sealer not pictured. Hardener comes in the purple mod podge jar and mod podge sealer is in aerosol form)

Have your shoe properly cleaned with soap and water and make sure the surface is clean and dry before you begin.

Apply mod podge to your shoe wherever you wish to start and put your clipping over the mod podge. Once your clipping is set, apply more mod podge over that for extra security.

Fit your clippings on however you wish and continue the same mod podge, clipping, mod podge formula. Make sure to try for an even coating.

Once you have a section covered do one extra coating of mod podge over the whole area for a nice even coat.

Since I did all of the shoe, i waited until I finished everything above the heel to do the even coating of mod podge.

Once completed you may want to do one more final coat of your mod podge all over. Then apply about two coats of hardener and then add sealer as you wish!

Finished! May your feet be happy and stylish!

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