How to make 4-ingredient sticky jam/jelly bars

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Crumble together the flour, butter & sugar until they resemble crumbs.

Sprinkle it mixture all over the base of a baking dish, and press down into place.

Like this. My baking dish is slightly smaller than a 9x13"; the mixture was sufficient.

Bake at 350F for 20 mins or until lightly brown.

Meanwhile, empty your jam/jelly in a big bowl; beat until liquified yet thick. I used apricot jam.

The base is lightly browned..

Pour the liquified jam over the hot base. Even out the layer using a spatula or a spoon, and stick back into the oven for 18 mins.

Cool completely, which takes at least about 2 hours because the jam is friggin' hot and bubbling!!! Don't even think of sticking your finger in it!!!😱

Cut into bars. If you are using tangy jam, sprinkle powdered sugar. If you have a super sweet-tooth, sprinkle powdered sugar 😋

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