How to make a heat pad

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Fold the cotton fabric in half and draw half outlines the desired figure with tailors chalk or a pen. I chose a bottle shaped cut, but you can also choose otherwise

Cut the selected shape with scissors leaving 1 cm wide margins sewing from the contour. Prepared two identical pieces of cotton for the inside Pillowcase of the pillow

Attach the two pieces and sewed them together with a sewing machine, in small stitches program according to the contours. Leave top opening of 5-6 cm. turn inside cover you created to the other side.

Mix about 1/2 in kg rice with lavender flowers, pour the filling in through the opening you left and then sew by hands or sewing machine.

Place the inner stuffed with rice pillow on the fabric folded in half, draw the outline, leaving a border of about 1 cm for sewing

Cut contours by Scissors

with embroidery thread sew the two sectors - decorative stitch fabric that fits close the edges without hem. You can also decorate decorative embroidery cushion over any shape or image of your choice

Insert the inside stuffed pillow into the felt cushion and complete the hand stitching to close.

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