How to make an ankle bracelet

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Gather supplies

Get your strings, and cut them so they are all the same length. They should rap around your ankle more than 3 times for the perfect length!

Now, line up your strings and tie a knot as high as you can at the top of your strings

Put your pin inside the knot...

And pin that to your pants!

The color that you want to see first, separate that string from the other strings

Hold the other strings super tight, and straight

Put the string that you want to see first, over the other strings, but leave a whole.

Put your hand through the whole and...

Grab the rest of the string on the other side. Remember to keep the other strings tight!

Pull that strong through the whole, and pull super tight. Repeat 5 times for that ONE string!!!

Now it should look something like this!

Now separate the string that you want to see next away from the other strings. Repeat same steps


Keep on repeating for other strings!

Keep on going!!

Once your done, make sure that it'll fit!

Take pin out, and toe around ankle as tight as you can!! Then your done!👊

My legs blue!!!😁😁😁😱

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