How to make worms in dirt

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Gather your ingredients: pudding cup(s), Oreos, and gummy worms. For one "Worms in Dirt" you need 1 pudding cup, 5 Oreos, and 4 gummy worms.

Crush your Oreos in a ziploc bag. You can use a rolling pin or whatever you have around.

Put your cookie crumbs in a large bowl.

Remove half of the cookie crumbs and put them on the side in another smaller cup or bowl.

In the large bowl, add one container of pudding and mix.

Now you're ready to construct your "Worms in Dirt." Scoop the mixed pudding into the bottom of a clean cup.

Stick the gummy worms in the pudding so that half of each worm is embedded in the mud, or pudding.

Sprinkle the leftover cookie crumbs onto your mud/pudding and you're finished!

Enjoy your delicious dessert!

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