How to make mini lemon cheese cakes

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Collect cupcake patties and put on a heat proof tin. If you have different shaped or coloured patties it will look nicer.

Gather ingredients. Biscuits can be any kind put plain ones are best because they are only for the base.

Break 150g biscuits into the food processor. (This makes it easier to blend) and then crush biscuits in food processor.

Until they become crumbs and there are no small chunks left.

In a small saucepan, melt 150g butter over low heat. Stirring often so as not burn the butter.

Add melted butter to biscuits. (Unfortunately, the original recipe did not have enough butter so we used equal butter:biscuit ratio to make sure the biscuit mix was easier to set.)

Fill patties with biscuit mix about 1cm high. Make sure you press down on them so that they set and stay in shape. Refrigerate for 30 minutes, minimum.

Zest and juice one lemon. Be careful not to harm yourself when grating or slicing lemons.

In bowl of electric mixer, add cheese cake ingredients : 400g cream cheese, 50g icing sugar, lemon juice + rind and 1 tblspn of double cream. Mix until thoroughly combined, and there are no lumps.

Spoon cheesecake mix onto set biscuit bases. Fill to the top.

Flatten out to look neat.

Refrigerate so they set. This also cools them down because cheesecake is best served cold.

Serve with mint leaves

Safety + Hygiene: Wash hands before start. Take care when blending. Be careful when melting butter. Don't harm self when zesting lemon. Don't cut self when chopping lemon. Wash all dishes

The final product tasted & looked great, although too lemony. By reducing to one lemon instead of two it would be better. Because the ingredients were not very reliable, I would rate this desert 8/10.

The recipe, taken from BBC Good Food website was super-lemony. Adjustments: I doubled the amount of butter used in biscuit base because it was too dry. In future I would use only one lemon.

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