How to make a breakfast fruit smoothie for 139 calories

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Gather your jicama, and chop it up! Health benefits: jicama is one of the finest sources of dietary fiber, it is rich in vitamin C, and B-complex vitamins, as well as important minerals!

Place in blender, along with your strawberries! Health benefits: vitamins and minerals in strawberries, aid in preventing heart disease, strokes, cancer, Asthma, diabetes, and even depression.

Add in your grapes! Health benefits: grapes are extremely high in vitamin C and K, resveratrol, found in grapes, actually reduces cells ability to store fat, and helps protect your heart and brain!

Then chop up your 2 dried figs, I absolutely love these! A great source of fiber, and you can get a whole bag for only 11 dollars at Costco!

Add 1/4 cup of nonfat milk and six ice cubes. Thoroughly blend on high for two minutes!

Pour into a glass, and enjoy! This smoothie is one of my favorites, it's a fresh new mix, and contains only 139 calories! Give it a try! Xoxo- Rikki

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